Ecstasy Rising (1/5): Should MDMA Be Illegal?

by lowes1 on June 23, 2012 – mushroom grow kits, mushroom spores, Ayahuasca kits, Salvia Divinorum This is part one of five of the Peter Jennings special exploration of the drug Ecstasy, which the government has been unable to control. This special was released in 2004 and was Peter Jennings’ last special before succumbing to lung cancer. If you’re looking for ecstasy info, especially why ecstasy is illegal and whether ecstasy is dangerous or whether it’s the prohibition of ecstasy that is the most dangerous. Is MDMA associated with Parkinson’s? Find out why MDMA is not always what you’re getting in your street Ecstasy. If you’re spelling it wrong, you’ll find it as extasy, extacy, ectacy, estacy, ectasy… but realize that what some people are calling X isn’t really MDMA! Also known as the “hug drug”

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