In Memoriam Workout: Clean and Press 100 reps 135lbs ( 60kg)

by lowes1 on June 28, 2012

++ IN MEMORIAM ANGELOS LAGADINOS 1954-2011 ++ 100 clean and Press 135lbs 60kg Dedicated Physical pursuit is a spiritual process of the highest level. The most advanced of all societies, that of Ancient Greece had at the core of the education of youth, the regime of physical training. Of course, they knew that the spiritualisation of the consciousness is the most powerful dimension of man. On Friday 11 March 2011, my Uncle Aggelos was returned to the soil from which he sprang in the village of Dafne, Amalias Greece. This is the soil on which I first walked as a baby of 1 year old holding the hands of my grandparents. I honour my Uncle Aggelos with this brutal workout, 100 clean and press 60kg, for time. He is remembered for his saintly presence, artistic ability and triumph over challenges in life. The number 100 is chosen for in Greek Tradition a common greeting and birthday wish for a man is that he reach the age of 100 in health and vigour. “Na ekatostisis”. “May you reach 100 years of age !” In any case, Gods plan for each man on Earth is a mystery to all. In this workout, we go beyond the number 57 and celebrate each until the 100th repetition as a prayer for the departed soul whose earthly aspirations may have been of a kind that more time be spent in the physical world with his family. As we reach 100 the physical pain and exhaustion ensures that in giving our all, we transcend our minimal and minuscle earthly understanding of life and death, and begin to enter the

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