NWO already controlling population with poisoned water and air

by lowes1 on June 26, 2012

NWO UN NATO WHO all under the control of the IMF, CFR, WB, has been systematically using BORON and other heavy metals to control population growth without informing each Country of their activities. TENS OF THOUSANDS OF COMPLAINTS TO GOVERNMENTS HAVE BEEN waved aside as ‘conspiracy’ and or “its National security’ and or “its weather testing’ JOIN OUR FIGHTING FUND SUPPORT GROUP . www.cleanairandwater.net NO LONGER WILL THESE LIES AND MISINFORMATION BE ACCEPTED. see LAB REPORT www.cleanairandwater.net The individual Government PUBLIC SERVANTS AND ELECTED MEMBERS WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for this CRIME against humanity as there is now sufficient evidence to convict all persons if they are active in withholding data and evidence from the public. OR THEY ARE AN ELECTED GOVERNMENT MEMBER GIVEN THE TRUST AND CARE OVER THEIR CONSTITUENTS. more info – www.youtube.com Government LABORATORY water test results on RAIN WATER shows conclusive proof of AIRCRAFT SPRAYING CHEMTRAIL heavy metals and poisons, far in excess of the WHO published safe level guidelines. THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE DRINKING POISONED TANK WATER and thousands of victims are in hospitals with Heart Disease, and Cancers which are as a direct result of sustained poisoned air and water from constant chemtrail spraying over every Country. JOIN OUR WORLD WIDE ASSOC “”white clouds of death’ ‘FIGHTING FUND’ HEAVY METALS POISON THE HUMAN BODY – Chronic fatigue,- splitting headaches, upset stomach, The central nervous system

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